“Miss City Show time” collection

Includes eleven suites of elegant outstanding and unique design. It highlights the social status and refined taste of women who choose designer’s clothes. Miss City Show time collection puts an accent on femininity and elegance with respect to classic traditions and benefits thanks to successful combination of silk and chiffon. An image of a romantic and distinguished woman appears beneath our eyes. These garments emphasize advantages and will finely fit one’s wardrobe. The distinctive features of Sahera Rahmani collection are refined taste, that feels the value and exclusivity of beauty, high quality fabrics and hand-made patterns used for costume designs. Extravagance and exclusivity with surprising combination of romanticism and motion – is a brief description of new Sahera’s Miss City collection.

“Flame” collection

In the age of overall globalization when cities depend on diversity of clothes, behavior and style, I recover the lost affiliation to my own culture. Whichever multinational city I stay, my native diverse and enigmatic Iran Kurdistan tempts me with its designs, silhouettes, ornaments and decorations.

“Flame” collection, where passions are heated up to the limit, reflects artistic uniqueness of golden shine, gives birth to new dramatically different images and arouses a feel of hot radiance.

Mist around us shudders, “Flame” is blazed up by the wind. Our life is the flame. Not all of us have got fire in their hearts, and even less people are ready to share it. Nevertheless each of these garments can give one its own warmth.

Six garments for the most comfortable living in aggressive atmosphere of metropolis, for every day and for any occasion. These are clothes of plain cut with elements of designer solutions, where the style of a dress benefits thanks to combination of fabric and color. Stylish costumes of Miss City Day time collection will suit young and active women who value maximum comfort in a busy atmosphere of a big city, combine it with interesting job, go out to cafes and visit exhibitions. Light, breathable, pleasant and comfortable Missoni fabrics combined with flowing silk… This summer every day one feels most practical, light and refined in the city!